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Principal Investigator:

Robert Bindschadler - NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


Sridhar Anandakrishnan - Penn State University
Alberto Behar - NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
David Holland - New York University
Miles McPhee - McPhee Research Company
Timothy Stanton - Naval Postgraduate School
Martin Truffer - University of Alaska, Fairbanks

UK collaborators:

David Vaughan - British Antarctic Survey
Hugh Corr - British Antarctic Survey
Adrian Jenkins - British Antarctic Survey
Andy Smith - British Antarctic Survey
Tony Payne - University of Bristol

What Each of Us Will Do

Robert Bindschadler will provide the overall direction and coordination of the separate components. He will lead the recon field work and will be responsible for the GPS data reduction. He will conduct the remote sensing analysis to produce the maps of ice shelf elevation and ice thickness and will review classified data of possible field site locations. In his role as leader of this group, Chair of the WAIS Working Group and an early planner of IPY, he will work extensively with education and outreach teams.

Sridhar Anandakrishnan will design the seismic survey, analyze the data and produce a map of sub shelf cavity geometry. This work will be done cooperatively UK collaborator Andy Smith (see supporting letter). He will also collect organize and lead the collection of radar and gravity measurements during the seismic survey and will assist BAS in the inversion of airborne gravity data collected in 2005-06.

Alberto Behar will be responsible for the design, construction, and field operation of the video camera system. This system will reuse as many existing components as possible and share use with other camera systems being supported for related projects.

David Holland will lead the ocean modeling effort and interact with collaborator Tony Payne to integrate the ocean model with the ice model. He will also help define the measurement requirements (geometry, sampling rates, etc.) of the sub-shelf profilers.

Martin Truffer will lead the hot water drilling including the deployment of ice sensors for internal ice properties. He will work with the PI to interpret the ice velocity and strain rate measurements in terms of glacier response to external forces, such as tides, sea ice, and water properties.

Miles McPhee will analyze the sub-shelf profiler data to deduce exchange rates of mass, heat and salinity. He will develop parameterizations of key sub-shelf processes appropriate to the numeric models.

Tim Stanton will lead the NPS ocean turbulence group and be responsible for design, construction, calibrating and field testing 4 profiler systems, as well as the data processing, archiving, analysis and integration into coupled ice/ocean models of the ice cavity structure and turbulent flux data sets. The analysis will be performed in collaboration with McPhee, Holland and other PIG investigators.
Pine Island Glacier Oceanography Program